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LVFIBA meets every Thursday morning at 8:30 am at El Sombrero Restaurant
825 Mills Ave

Our meetings are open to the public... and you are INVITED!
​Welcome to Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance!

We are a voluntary association of independently owned businesses located in or near Las Vegas, New Mexico.  

Our purpose:

  • Help the greater Las Vegas area           maintain its unique community character 
  • Provide continuing opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • Build economic strength
  • Prevent the mass displacement of community-based businesses by national and international chains.

Las Vegas Independent Business Alliance
PO Box 2004, Las Vegas,NM 87701

LVFIBA publishes 
this beautiful 
Visitors Guide,
 inviting locals and tourists
 to enjoy all
 that the original Las Vegas and San Miguel County 
have to offer.

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 for the online version!



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