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Las Vegas, New Mexico 
by Joe Lordi

Creating a definitive visual history of Las Vegas has been the goal of this new book on Las Vegas. This endeavor began with two previous 128-page grayscale paperbound volumes on Las Vegas in 2010 and 2012. Because the books had been well received the author, Joseph A. Lordi, began to work on a third volume. But, after much thought and consideration he decided to publish all his new material and that from the first two books into one larger comprehensive volume. And, in order to make the work more visually appealing several color images where included.

Unlike other important histories of Las Vegas, this work is primarily a visual history. It uses old photographs, stereoscopic view cards, lantern slides, pre-1930 postcards, and the author’s photographs. To date there has not been a comparable book. There are several interesting, but limited, histories but no definitive visual histories. There are a few photographic works but with little or no detailed history. This work combines the best aspects of those two worlds. The goal of the book is to combine important historical facts about the town with relevant photographic images.

This publication of this new work has been made possible by a generous donation from the members of the Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance, Andrea Gottshalk, president and Andy Kingsbury, vice-president.

As for statistics, this 9x12 416-page hardbound volume does not fall within the typical book format. There are over 950 grayscale images, 5 two-page grayscale images, 50 color images, and several maps. The color images are used before and after the eight chapter headings. The word count of the entire book is over 55,000 words. The chapters include: The Plaza and Bridge Street, Old Town and El Distrito de las Escuelas, Douglas Avenue and the Sixth Street Business District, Grand Avenue and the Railroad District, Social and Cultural Institutions, North New Town and the Lincoln Park Area Residences, New Mexico Highlands University, San Miguel County and the Surrounding Area, Early Las Vegas Photographers, and an Appendix of the most important view postcards of Las Vegas and vicinity, a Bibliography, and an Index. 

The cost of the book is $49.95 at Plaza Antiques, Plaza Hotel, Unikat, and other Las Vegas locations. To order using Paypal or a credit card, the total cost including shipping and handling, is $70.00.

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