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Dues can be paid on a quarterly basis (4 payments).  
Make checks payable to LVFIBA and mail to Las Vegas First IBA, PO Box 2004, Las Vegas, NM 87701.
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Please provide 30-50 words describing your business for use on the Over the Back Fence radio show.
What is a Local Independent Business?  AMIBA's recommended criteria are:
1. Private, worker, community or cooperative ownership.
2. At least 50% locally-owned (definitions of "local" will be evaluated individually by LVFIBA).
3. Decision-making authority is vested in the local owners & not subject to conditions dictated remotely.
4. The business has a limited number of outlets & limited geographic range (Evaluated individually by LVFIBA).

LVFIBA does accept membership from businesses & individuals that do not qualify under these guidelines.  These supporting members are afforded all the benefits of membership except for voting privileges.  Non-profit organizations will receive membership without paying dues as long as reciprocal membership is extended to LVFIBA.
Dues Structure for Independent Business Members, Supporting Business Members 
& Individual Supporting Members
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Your LVF IBA membership includes the opportunity to promote your business or non-profit, sales and events, on our radio show.  Join us on Radio Hill any Wednesday morning from 8:30 until 10:00 am.
Your membership also includes
posting your information on this website.  Please click here for details about what and how to submit your information, logo, and image.
New members may join four economic development nonprofits for $200: LVF, MainStreet de Las Vegas, LVSM Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation, a huge savings!
20+ employees $200.00 Annually
16-20 employees $175.00 Annually
Supporting Individual $50.00 Annually
11-15 employees $150.00 Annually
6-10 employees $125.00 Annually
1-5 employees $100.00 Annually
Individual Business Member
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