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Joseph and wife Loretta, both natives of Las Vegas, New Mexico, are very happy to own KFUN radio station. 

"We are extremely proud to own KFUN/KLVF radio station the first and original radio station in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

KFUN is recognized as being amongst the first 4 or 5 radio stations in the entire state of New Mexico which were the first stations to start broadcasting in the early days of radio in the "Land of Enchantment".
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PO Box 700
Las Vegas, NM 87701
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Glass, Granite, Marble, Wood, Metals, Acrylic ...
Armijo Glassworks'
1211 National Ave
Las Vegas, NM 87701
"I'm a 'generalist' photographer; I love it all: portraiture, events, architecture, documentary, cars, the 50's, and just about anything one can think of photographing. People's faces and emotions interest me greatly.

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Streamlynx Communications
“Streamlynx Communications, a boutique New Mexico media and communications company, has been serving businesses and communities across New Mexico since 2010. Print publications include “The Corridor Quarterly Magazine” and “ArtEvents New Mexico” print and online editions. We offer professional video production, website creation and management, digital signage and creative digital media production, in addition to the production of specialty print and digital media publications.

Our print and online presence efforts focus on promoting the people, art, culture, communities and businesses to locals and visitors throughout New Mexico. To find out how we can help your business or organization gain greater visibility and opportunities for growth and expansion please contact Marc LaRouche at 505-913-9652 or m.larouche@streamlynx.com . Or office address is in Eldorado at Santa Fe, 7 Avenida Vista Grande #252, Santa Fe, NM. Office phone is 505-438-9600. Streamlynx is a member of the Las Vegas First Independent Business Alliance as well as other community organizations. www.streamlynx.com, www.ArtEventsNewMexico.com , www.ArtEventsNewMexico.com . ”

Marc-Paul LaRouche

7 Avenida Vista Grande #252
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508

Office – 505-438-9600
Cell – 505-913-9652